Become a More Effective, Highly-Functioning Marketing Team in 2017

I recently read, The 7 Content Marketing Trends That Matter in 2017, by Jay Baer. It was pretty awesome, so I thought I should share!


Out of all the trends listed, I'm most excited about one in particular...

The Rise of the Marketing Generalist

Baer goes into more detail in his related post: Your Marketing Org Chart Doesn’t Work. He says,

"I believe the most effective marketing teams going forward will have very few – if any – distinct job titles and roles. Instead, these teams will be increasingly comprised by generalists that know a lot about a lot, without specializing in any one element of marketing."

Life as a Marketing Generalist

The majority of my career has been spent in startup environments, which has required me to "wear many hats." As a result, I've developed a vast range of marketing skills. For me, it's been great! There really isn't anything in marketing I can't do. Some of those things I can do FAR better than others, but when someone asks me, "CAN you..." 95% of the time the answer is yes.

The Marketing Generalist Role on The Marketing Team

Unfortunately, I've found that being a generalist makes me look like a "master of none" to most marketers, when I'm really just trying to be a team player. Why would anyone limit themselves by eliminating everything outside their immediate list responsibilities strict set of skills? Being a generalist should be viewed as a positive, not a negative!

Marketers with a broader range of skills can volunteer to work on tasks outside of their "specialized" role, which leads to more completed projects in less time. This is the basis of agile marketing.

Another sign pointing to why agile marketing is the future of marketing! I added an 8th trend to look forward to in 2017... 

Learn more in my other blog post: What is Agile Marketing

2017 Content Marketing Trends

The Rise of Agile Marketing

Redistributing work amongst team members helps speed up the process, as well as improve collaboration and morale. On one hand no one has more work on their plate than they can handle, and on the other hand, no one is waiting around for work to be completed before starting the next part of the project.

"Smart teams will purposefully collect multiple team members with overlapping and duplicate skills, so that if simultaneous projects have a direct mail component, for example, each project team has a different marketer filling that need for the duration of the project. This eliminates bottlenecks and gives the collective far more ability to be flexible, nimble and deadline-aware. This eliminates bottlenecks and gives the collective far more ability to be flexible, nimble and deadline." [Read More...]

After writing this sentence...

If we lose the titles and focus on what the team can deliver, marketing teams can complete more projects with less people and in less time!

... I read this:

"For a long, long, long time marketing has been a collection of siloed, vertical specialists doing siloed, vertical work. Not anymore. The era of the org chart is ending, and in its place is the new era of amoeba-like, horizontal generalists (assisted by software) that get more done in less time."

If there are any other agile marketing enthusiasts out there, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave them in the comment section below!

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